October 05, 2004

Celebrity Haircuts

Jim and I decided to take full advantage of our new Aussie friend Shane's expertise and started the morning off with some haircuts! Shane has been 'Hairdresser of the Year' for 4 years running Australia. How could we pass up this opportunity? Plus, Jim has been threatening to cut his hair short in Greece so I was more than a bit desparate.

Not a great shot of the cuts, but a good shot of the views from Oai.

After the cuts, we jumped on a bus and headed to the northern part of Santorini to walk around the sweet little village of Oai. We hung out there strolling the sweet cobblestone and taking advantage of the numerous photo ops:

One of the many picturesque views that Oia offers

We then bussed back to Fira town to have a final sundowner with Shane before he headed back home to Sydney via London.

Shane, sans shears

Sundowner view of Fira town

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