October 11, 2004

Gorging in Samaria

Samaria Gorge is billed as one of Europe's most spectacular Gorges and it lived up to its billing (in this humble hiker's opinion). Unfortunately for Janet this Gorge hike was 90% downhill which might sound less vigorous than the other way around, but for someone with catcher's knees, it's infinitely worse. Therefore the wife had to sit this one out, leaving the adventuring to Stacey and yours truly:


After a STEEP and tree-lined descent we were surrounded by the towering (and often surprisingly narrow) walls of the gorge

Random hiker expose

The hike wasn't a stroll by any stretch: about 13 km long and 5 hours...I think just about everyone (including the 50+ club) from our morning bus passed us along the way. I prefer to attribute this to Stacey and my supreme appreciation for nature's beauty :-):

Joshua Tree-esque shot

Unfortunately, my 32 year-old frame was not quite up to the challenge of the aforementioned descent...I have a new appreciation for the Anterior Cruciate Ligament and how dependent one is upon it properly functioning :-(. I of course preserved (much to Stacey's relief as the prospect of carrying me piggyback strangely did not appeal) but am still awfully sore. (sigh).

Maybe I took a little of Janet's bad knee karma on?
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