October 22, 2004


Today we bussed it from Valencia to the mountain-town of Granada, famed for its impressive basicalla, melding of Christian and Muslim influences and, above all else, the Alhambra. Its a quaint city, smaller and a bit homier than Barcelona and Valencia with a middle-eastern feel to it:

Hilltop view of Granada

After a day of tooling around we hit Granadas most famous of landmarks, the Alhambra. The 10th Century fortress cum palace cum center for Islam before the Christians rooted the Moors in the 17th Century it is truly an impressive site:

The Alcazaba, the fortress of the Alhambra

Sitting high atop a hill overlooking Granada the Alhambra features some of the best examples of Islamic architecture and design in the world, amazingly landscaped gardens and the somewhat incrongrous palace of Charles V, who wished to assert himself after the last of Islam was driven out of Spain in the 1600s.

Reflecting in the Nazrid Palace

The out of place architecture courtesy of Charles V

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