October 17, 2004

A move to Miro

If there is one thing Barcelona offers, it is definitely a great art scene. Today we moved away from Gaudi and on to Miro. Most well-known for his abstracts done in primary colors, a visit to the 'Fundacio Joan Miro' showed us that he also did work in tapestry, sculpture and ceramics.

Being relatively green about Miro and his works, the museum was a good learning experience. Miro came of age during turbulent times - the second world war, the Spanish civil war - and his paintings reflect that. As literature majors, we both appreciated his use of symbolism and icongraphy.

This is actually a giant weaving of a woman (not a dog)...over 20 feet high!

We then walked around the Montjuic, the area that houses most of Barcelona's museums and parks, the most notable of which is the National Museum of Catalan:

Unfortunately it was closed by the time we got here :-(

Of course stopping at the Estadi Olimpic, where Jim and I imagined our own Olympic victories!

Giving Jackie Joyner Kersey a run for her money

For dinner we headed to Itari, a sweet little tapas place where you eat the bar. A la 'conveyor belt sushi' you take what you want and pay at the end with the bartender counting the number of toothpicks on your plate. We totalled 16 :)

Appetite for Destruction

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