October 09, 2004

Multiple Choice Test

Question #1: Completely out of character, Jim wants to spend the day at the beach. What is the reason for this change of heart?

a) After 7+ months on the road, he has been successfully brainwashed by his beach-bumming wife.
b) He has consumed excessive quantities of Ouzo and is not thinking clearly.
c) Incessant road travel has resulted in schizophrenia - this is not Jim talking but his alternate personality, Demetrius (that's Jim in Greek).
d) He is grabbing at one of his last chances to enjoy the liberal beach-faring the Greek islands offers :)

Answer: d

Hi ho! Hi ho - it's off to the beach we go. Hania - as wonderful and quaint as it is - does not offer much as far as beaches are concerned so Jim and I headed due east to the sweet beach of Starvos.

The beach actually hugs a lagoon as the sea waters are met by a high wall of rugged rocks. Both provided wonderful picture ops.

Sailin, takes me away...

We spent the entire day relaxing on the sandy beach - until the peace was interrupted by a couple of boys from the great Midwest of the US of A. "Steve" was unable to get music playing from the laptop he brought to the beach so instead belted out some lovely countrywestern tunes for the ENTIRE beach to enjoy. Here's a sample of the lyrics:

And I dream in Red White and Bllluuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeee

Made us so proud :)

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