October 26, 2004

On The Merrakesh Express

Today we took a long and uneventful (save the breakfast at the station in which the restaraunteurs tried to rip us off on a 300 (US 35) meal, which I promtly shut down) train ride to Merrakesh, about 500 km to the south of Fez. While it has changed enourmously from the Hippie haven of the 60s/70s (that saw the likes of Cat Stephens, Jethro Tull and of course Crosby, Stills & Nash (who wrote a song about it) take in the scenes & then some), it still has a cool vibe. We arrived in time to watch the spectacle that is the night market, featuring the usual craft (and junk) vendors, what equates to an enormous outdoor eatery, street performers and even story tellers, the last managed to attract quite a crowd (though we could not testify to their skill as all tales were spun in Arabic).

The following day we spent the day checking out Mosques (from the outside of course):

and the smallish but tranquil Jardin Majorelle Gardens. Unfortunately the PCs in Morocco are a bit behind the times so no pics for a while. Tomorrow will likely feature more of the same, tho we are trying to plan a trip to the desert...

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