October 01, 2004

Romping in the Ruins of Delos

After Egypt and Turkey you'd think we were sick of ruins...but no! (at least not the male half of this couple). Unfortunately Delos -- while expansive -- was more ruinous than Ephesus, the pyramids etc, requiring obeservers to imagine how magestic the site must have been. That didn't stop us from clowning 'round of course:

Busts of Cleopatra and some greek dude, Janet and Jimos Dsylexos (note he's immitating w/ the wrong arm)

Jim gone bust

Post ruining we lunched at Mikonos town...quintessential Greek with whitewashed buildings against azure skies. Janet was also joined by "Pedro", who I believe was attracted to her pink tube top:

You can't really tell due to the lighting but Pedro the Pelican was Pink as Janet

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