October 29, 2004

The Sahara for Desert and a Political Aside

Being that it's rainy and too cold for my wife we have decided to head for the assuredly warmer environs of the Sahara Desert for a three day drive Eastward that promises sun, sand and perchance a camel ride :-)

Warning: what follows is a political commentary...

One thing this trip of ours has underscored again and again is just how damaging the Bush regime has been to our standing in the international community. Everywhere from Laos to South Africa to Greece to Spain (and most places in between) we have seen a passionate and consistent hatred for the arrogance and audacity exemplified by Georgey, Dickey, Rummy, Johnny and the rest of our beloved "leaders". Another revelation we've had since we've been on the road is just how small this world really is...and the impact the world's largest economy (for now) has on the global community. We cannot afford to pretend we have all the answers or that our actions wont result in the next Osama being inspired to act against a perceived (or real) aggressor he sees in the U.S.

Our absentee ballots are in...here's to the hope that the 40 some-odd percent of Americans who are actually contemplating re-electing the cowboy and his henchman to another4 year term in office, let's all hope they don't let fear (look Ma' I done changed the Terrorist Threat Level to chartreuse! that'll put the fear of Cheney in 'em!), their pocketbooks (if you happen to be in the top 5% income bracket of course), some twisted sense of morality (i.e. gay marriages could be the ruin of society as we know it but thou shall kill if it suits your political/economic interests) or fox news (and the like) lead them to commit such a bogus offense to this country and the international community at large.

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