October 04, 2004


Ah Santorini...its background of whitewashed, rounded churches and buildings juxtaposed against an azure sky must surely be the image most commonly associated with Greece. There could be worse associations for sure... :-)

After ferrying in we spent the morning shutterbugging...the picturesque skyline defies cliches:

There'll be more of these fo' sure

Next J and I bussed to the southern coast for a visit to the Red Beach (you might think we would tire of beaches...but then you don't know Janet-- and I've admittedly been infected by sand fever as well). While the beach itself wasn't all that spectacular, the scenery around it (it really IS red) was pretty darn cool:

Janet, seeing red

After getting a bit gritty we left our rosy environs and headed back to Thira, Santorini's largest city and where we plan on calling home for the next few days. We made it back in time to enjoy one of the Island's world-famous sunsets...it lived up to its billing:

The Ouzo made it all the more purdy :-)

I'm becomming a sucker for sunsets

The view was all the more enjoyable thanks in part to Janet's brand new mirrored aviator sunglasses. The frugal husband frowed at the Euro pricetag but was instantly mollified when he discovered what fun he could have taking pictures with them in focus:

Bringing out the kid in me

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