October 20, 2004

Tough Act to Follow

Yesterday we trained it to Valencia, a cool town a bit smaller and a bit less entrancing -- what wouldn't be? -- than Barcelona. Still, we spent two languid days soaking up the environment, which included a few hours at one of those prototypical plaza cafes sipping sangria and watching little kids play with the rats with wings (errr i mean pigeons):

Girl having a ball

After a rather boring museum experience (one of those that promises great works by the masters but ends up featuring 200 different flavors of Madonna and child) we headed out to sample a bit of Valencia's nightlife, which of course started with Tapas (we're addicted at this point):

She's pouring Spain's equivalent of high octane cider

...and ended with some cool night-time scenery:

A fountain I found especially intriguing after three (or four?) of the aforementioned ciders

Tonight we take a night bus (recalling memories of Turkey) to Granada, a good 600 kms to the south west...

why don't more people leave comments?

so what happened in Valencia? I want nightlife stories...

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