November 13, 2004

Alluring Algarve

After a little finageling we managed to rent our first car since Greece (where my California driver´s license has taken up permanent residence). Have to say the freedom that wheels provide is something we have´s nice to dictate where and when you´re going...

It is even better when the "where" is the amazing Algarve, the Mediterranean Coast of Portugal. After a scenic drive from Faro, we arrived in the beach town of Lagos. Granted, it is a bit cold this time of year, but that did not detract from the beauty of the golden, jagged cliffs against the azure sky:

We hit a trio of beaches, each with bunches of rocks jutting out of the sea. The first of which was Dona Ana:

Bella Dona

followed by equally picturesque Homens Pinaho:

Waves Rolling 'Round Rocks

For the gran finale´ we drove up to the Ponta da Piedade which features a huge rock formation hallowed out by the sea:

After meandering among the cliffs we headed to Lagos town which was surprisingly charming in that lovely Portuguese colonial way (cobblestone streets, cafe laden squares, art shops, restaurants galore).

We even looked into a bit of diving. My wife was put off by the 12º Celsius water temp, I by the three days required to arrange the trip (it being low season and all). Needless to say we passed.

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