November 16, 2004

Exploring Lisboa

After receiving the royal treatment from our fabulous hostess we ventured out into sunny Lisbon, a city we immediately found charming in that quaint colonial kind of way (cobblestone streets, old fashioned trams traveling down steep hills, cafes & castles) in spite its large size (over 2 million residents).

Arch off the Praca do Conrio

We then meandered through the narrow streets of the Alfama neighborhood, slowly making our way towards the Castelo de Sao George (St. George Castle), which featured stunning views of the city:

Happiness is a warm gun with a nice view

as well as the well preserved castle itself with the typical parapets, moats and drawbridges sure to captivate any male :-)

Storming the castle

After a tasty lunch and well over an hour spent at a wine shop specializing it what must be our favorite Portuguese export (Port wine!) we headed with bottles in hand to the area of Baxia. Diogo and Rita must have informed the mayor of Lisbon of our arrival as he waited for us before commencing the annual Christmas lighting ceremony :-). The Portuguese truly get into the holiday evidenced by the many brilliantly illuminating boulevards:

City of lights

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